Sunday, 10 March 2013

Pardis' 19th Birthday

9th March 2013
Hummingbird Red Velvet cupcakes :)
Birthday card I made him :)
His presents :)
This weekend it was Pardis' birthday. I went to visit him at his uni in London. I decided to arrive an hour before he finished his lecture so I could go to Soho to the Hummingbird bakery to get him his favourite red velvet cupcakes. I also got him caterpillar cake as he's never tried it. We had a really lovely weekend and all the guys came to see him and celebrate his birthday but of course the birthday boy got a bit too drunk XD He really liked his presents especially the Hollister tops, they were in the sale so I got him 2 :) Sunday we watched The Vow then I had to take the coach back to Southampton.
Hope he had a lovely birthday :)

Sunday, 3 March 2013

Our First Anniversary

March 3rd 2012

This is my first blog so I'm still quite new to it all XD

Anniversary Cupcakes :)
This is the card I made him :)
The necklace he got me :)
Hummingbird cupcakes :)
My presents to him :)
This weekend was my first anniversary, a year with Pardis, the year went by so quickly. We had a lovely weekend and he came down to visit me at Southampton. We bought each other little presents, He wrote me a poem, got me a really pretty necklace and introduced me to hummingbird bakery's red velvet cupcakes. On our anniversary day we baked cupcakes, went out to dinner to Bella Italia and watched a film together, was a really nice cosy day. Love him a lot :)

Hopefully I get the hang of this soon :')